Monday, September 26, 2011

H's Swimming Class

After Audrey finished her swim class, we signed Henry up for one too. He was too young to go to class alone, so we got him into a parent/child class. Ben was more than happy to go with him.

Henry was much more shy about the water than Audrey was. I think that Ben going was the best choice, though, because Henry was much more relaxed with his dad than he would have been with me.

This picture says it all.

Yes, that is Henry's head, under the water!


We went to Seven Peaks recently and found that Hank's swim classes may have been too effective. While the wave pool was calm, Henry kept walking deeper and deeper into the water until we would go and bring him back into the shallows. Moments later, he would be bobbing his way back to the deep end, a huge grin on his face!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of another two little corks spending their summer days in the pool... :D


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