Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer Trip: Colorado

In June, we went to Colorado for Ben's best-friend's wedding. Ben was one of three men to be honored with the title of Best Man. Audrey was honored with the title of Flower Girl. She took her roll as seriously as a four-year-old can. Much more seriously than I thought she would, in fact.

She was angelic in her white dress and she was well aware of her princess-like appearance. 

The flower crown was the perfect addition. It made me sing "Hey, nonny, nonny" in my head.

Henry's hair had been perfect until he bonked his head on the underside of a piano and started bleeding all over. It took about twenty minutes to get him cleaned up and his hair was beyond help for the rest of the day. He was still cute, though.

 It was dreadfully hot that day. I really felt bad for all the wedding party and the photographers. Not one person came back inside without a red face.

Uncle Scott was one of the other Best Men.

My little man.

The flower girls were adorable!

Audrey entertained everyone at the reception as she danced the night away. Henry slept through half of it, himself.

The trip home was pretty nice since both kids were completely worn out from the weekend. 

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Rebecca said...

cute pictures. I bet Audrey likes being a princess.


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