Monday, August 22, 2011

Project Mania

I am sadly slow and very behind when it comes to blog posts.

I am completely sincere when I say that I will do my best to get more blogs out more often.

That being said, I have another craft to share with you. :)

I actually have two, but I won't be sharing one of them until the Christmas season is upon us.

My sister and I have been talking about completing this project for MONTHS!

For a variety of reasons, we didn't try tackling it until yesterday... we didn't have all the supplies, we didn't have the time... she had to go and have a baby... sheesh.

So, we finally hunkered down and got together yesterday while our darling husbands kept the kids out of our hair.

We scaled down the perpetual calendar significantly. The wooden board is roughly 12X12 and, instead of juice concentrate lids for the days, we used metal rim tags.

After some trial and error, I decided that hand-writing the numbers on the tags was the best way to go. Cut outs were impractical for the small tags and I wasn't able to print out numbers on some of the darker paper.

For the months, we used balsa wood strips that my dear husband cut out for us. We each have six, labeled on both sides. I ended up painting mine white and sticking on the printed out months rather than try to exactly measure the paper to the wood.

This project took roughly 3 hours to complete, not including interruptions.

This close-up is mainly for the benefit of getting a glimpse of the beautiful toile paper I found. I love toile!


Anonymous said...

And you said you have crappy handwriting! Looks great to me! :D

Rebecca said...

i think every child of the hydes has a degree of talent when it comes to penmanship and artistic workmanship. The calendar looks great!


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