Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another sleep adventure and Audrey does a craft!

On Thursday, we left Audrey playing in her room for quiet time as has been usual recently. When quiet time was over, I went to go open the door and let her out. She had been quiet and that usually means trouble or sleep... As it turns out, it was both.

I knew something was amiss when I couldn't open the door to her room. I pushed gently and was able to see that quite a few of Audrey's toys were blocking the door. I peeked around to where her bed was and found it empty... hmm......

I pushed the door open a little more and this is what I saw:

I couldn't resist taking pictures. I know, I'm an insensitive mother. I finally got into the room and took a picture from another vantage point.

Audrey had successfully destroyed her room, but at least she wore herself out doing it.

After dinner, we went about decorating the gingerbread house we built the day before. When decorating the roof, we instructed Audrey to space out the little button candies. The row at the bottom left edge was her idea of spaced out:

The picture on the box was very detailed and meticulous, but I instinctively knew that if I tried to copy that look or even come up with a similarly beautiful one, the two year old in my life would have made it impossible and I would have gone insane. As such, our haphazard decorating was fun for all of us and we came away only a smidgen more insane than when we started.

Audrey was proud of the house and so we took a quick picture of her with it.

This is the face we got when we told her to "smile!!"

Audrey's first craft project! One down....


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I think every mother should take a picture of the wreckage their children create. Something to look back on and laugh at. :)
The house looks great! I don't try to copy the picture too much either, because without fail I will keep comparing it to the box and then end up hating the one I created. :P

Rebecca said...

I love the last picture! Audrey is so angelic looking.

Please e-mail me that picture.

The mess in the room is hysterical!


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