Friday, December 11, 2009

Abbleturkey, Thanksgiving and Teeth

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged (no, I mean a REAL blog. The tag was fun, but not a real blog). It's been really crazy since we got back from Albuquerque. Speaking of which...

Ben has already blogged about the flight and has done so aptly that adding anything to his words would only take away from what he's done. (Read it, it's good.)

Albuquerque, or as Audrey says: "Abbleturkey", was (mostly) fun. We got to visit with a lot of family and even a couple of friends. Audrey was thrilled to play with her cousins. She hardly took naps while we were there and played, played, played all day. She usually didn't care much where Ben and I were unless she wanted to show off some new thing she learned from the older girls: Tea party and licking the same plastic ice cream cone as her cousin being some of the choice items. The latter was the cause of later problems that kept Audrey, me and Ben feeling rather unwell for several days.

Thanksgiving was loads of fun. We visited with Ben's dad in the early afternoon and had a light Thanksgiving meal there. Then we went back to Nanny's house and messed around until dinner time there. Ben went out into the yard to take family pictures for Joe, Sasha and Maia. Daisy and Audrey decided to join in on the fun at one point.

Dinner was lovely. The settings were gorgeous and enchantingly seasonal. The little card behind the candles says "I Loev Fall" and was courtesy of Audrey's cousin Daisy.

Henry was held as often as he wanted as there were plenty of arms to go around. Once one person got tired, another was ready to coo and cuddle.

Henry got to meet his slightly older cousin Eva. This picture was taken about 3 seconds before they both tried to scratch each other's eyeballs out. Not out of anything other than pure curiosity.

The rest of the week was full and busy. On Black Friday, I got out of the madhouse and headed to Target (alone! yay!) where I found the cutest purple satchel purse. Love it!!
We went to the Albuquerque Twinkle Light parade with good friends on Saturday night, got rained on, nearly froze our tootsies off and ran into Ben's cousin Kelly at the Frontier restaurant afterword.
We missed out on going to our old ward for church on Sunday because of the aforementioned sickness. So we stayed in, sat by the fire and felt Henry's new tooth coming in. Exciting, yes! We've been waiting for that tooth for weeks and weeks!

We flew home on Monday night and boy are we glad to be home. Of course, the moment our feet hit the ground, reality hit and we've been running from it ever since.


Mistylynn said...

I'm glad you had a good time while you were here. Next time we should all get together with Anderson's as well.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun! It made me tired thinking off all that...whew...


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