Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please put a penny in the old man's hat...

Another example of me avoiding using my painting supplies for creating great art:

These are homemade hair sticks. As I don't have enough hair to make good use of them, I've made them to give as gifts. About a year ago, I had the girls in my Activity Days group make these.

1 pair of chopsticks (of the rounded variety, not the kind you have to break apart)
Tea Bags (optional step)
Paintbrushes, stylus, sponges, etc

It would be good to have several sets of chopsticks as they frequently have cracks, gouges or other imperfections that sandpaper won't smooth away. When you have enough pairs for your project, sand the chopsticks to smooth out the surface and get rid of any loose wood that can snag in hair.
In a large pan or pot, boil water and steep tea bags. Pan or pot should be large enough to lay the chopsticks in. Boil chopsticks in tea for about 20-30 minutes or until desired darkness. (I left the chopsticks in a tall container overnight with the cooled tea to enrich the color.)
Let chopsticks dry completely for a day or two.
Paint chopsticks as desired. I used a sea sponge and acrylic paint to create a speckled/dappled effect, but a paintbrush can also be used to paint flowers, stripes and other tiny designs.

This is batch number one. As it turns out, I will need to make another batch as I didn't have any left over for Audrey!

I'm currently feeling more ready for Christmas than any other year to date. I still have quite a bit to go and I've had to leave some things by the wayside, but it's been a fun adventure so far!


Anonymous said...

Those are cool! It sounds like you are having fun. :)

Rebecca said...

This does sound like fun. I think I will have to try this! :)


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