Thursday, December 17, 2009

I stand corrected...

...THIS is the best nap ever! (Until the next best, I suppose.)

Henry refused to take a morning nap yesterday and so by the time lunch time came, he was Super Crankapotomis. My plan was to feed him his normal baby food lunch and then take him downstairs for some calming milk and a nice nap.
By the time I got to the "dessert" portion of lunch, he was leaning his head on his shoulder like he does when he's playing shy. I thought that's what he was doing until I turned away for a minute to put away the leftovers. When I turned back, this is what I saw:

I thought for sure that it was a light sleep and that he would wake up quickly and want to have some milk, so I started to clean his face:

That not working, we took the tray off his high-chair so we could take him out... nothing!

I figured for sure he'd wake up when Ben picked him up...

No, he was that out!

Unfortunately, his nap was short and heavy. He was up again after about an hour. He has a little cold and I think his nose is driving him crazy.

Maybe I'll get back to my craft blogs tomorrow... unless we have another crazy sleep adventure.


Zaphod said...

Wow! Who is the old guy in the background? He looks like he has been hit with a brick!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!


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