Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best nap ever!

The past few days or so, we have been telling Audrey that she can choose between a nap or "quiet play time". She usually doesn't want to do either but, since she has no option, she gets put in her room with the door closed and she has to fend for herself. The first few days we did this, she was so put off by the phrase "quiet play time" that she just put herself in bed for a nap. I wasn't about to complain!

Yesterday, however, I brought her to her room with the same instructions. She could nap or have quiet play time. She was upset by this and immediately grabbed onto my legs so I couldn't close the door. In the midst of trying to explain to her that it was non negotiable, she was distracted by her legos... "Orange!" and let go of my legs. I closed the door post-haste.

I listened to her play in her room for a while, then I went upstairs with Henry to work on a new Christmas project. When I took Henry down after an hour or so to feed him and get him down for a nap, she was still clunking away in her room. I figured that was fine and, even better, she would go to bed in the evening that much easier!

Shortly after I finished the main portion of my project, I went downstairs to get Audrey up. It was very quiet in her room and I opened the door expecting to find her in her bed, or at the very least, doing something quiet and, therefore, extremely naughty. It was difficult to open the door as she had but the beanbag in front of it, but this is what greeted my eyes:

Note the socks and boots that I did NOT put her to bed with. I'm not sure where she thought she was going to go, but she never got around to trying to figure out the laces, or maybe that's what wore her out!

The sound of the camera woke her up and she turned over. I can't imagine that the recliner is the most comfortable place to nap.

I'm most impressed by her ability to move the pink horse around the room. It's pretty heavy. She probably had to get it out of the way so she could put the beanbag in front of the door.

When she came out of her room, she was supremely cranky and didn't want to take off her shoes, look at anyone, watch TV or do anything except cry.

As a side note, later in the day, Audrey was in her room for a time out. I went in to tell her it was okay to come out and I found her completely naked and in the middle of getting on her pink horse. Maybe she was channeling Lady Godiva.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I don't think anybody could resist riding naked on a pink horse...well...maybe...

Rebecca said...

That's pretty funny. She was probably playing out all her frustration... :)

Aislyn got mad at me one time when I sent her to her room - she was about Audrey's age. After some time had passed I noticed how quiet it was so I went in to check on her.

At first I couldn't find her. It took a while before I noticed her tiny little face peeking out from a sea of furry stuffed faces. Of course, she was asleep. We took a picture.

Now, when she gets mad she hides under her bed or under the dining room table and falls asleep.

Jen said...

I've got pictures of kids sleeping in a closet, on the stairs, and in a rocking chair. I even have a picture of a sleeping kid with his hand inside a Ritz box. Funny stuff.


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