Friday, May 21, 2010

A day at the Zoo

My family and Shy's family took a trip to the Hogle Zoo recently. I had never been, but I had heard some nice things about it. So off we trotted up to SLC with the kids vibrating in their seats in anticipation of they knew not what.

The exhibits were relatively small for the most part, which was nice for taking pictures. I'm not sure how the animals felt about it, but I'm not one to superimpose my human perspective upon those minding their own business. The pictures were fun to take, though.

This one rather reminds me of my father... or my husband... can you guess why?

Doesn't this guy just need a cozy pillow?

This one seems to be plotting a Great Escape of some sort.

This was one of the zoo's most recent additions. I don't know what her name was, but she was adorable!

We also went by the penguin enclosure. The penguins were nesting and therefore rather dull, themselves. While we were staring at them, though, a seagull decided to land in their little swimming pool and paddled around to the delight of everyone watching. I'm still somewhat surprised every time I see a seagull in Utah. I hope I never get blase about it.

The primates were certainly stand-outs in my mind. Their soulful eyes and faces full of character were fun to photograph.

Some pictures I just wasn't able to get a really good shot in. The gibbon holding a gibbon stuffed animal was super cute, but the fencing just kept getting in the way.

This little primate was fun to photograph too! 

A new breed of primate was spotted at the Hogle Zoo: Primus Mountainus Goatus! They also seemed to be docile enough to be allowed to free-range through the zoo like the Peacocks.

One of the male parents of the Primus Mountainus Goatus, indentifiable by it's distinctive facial ruff.

Grammy said I could probably enter this one into a contest of some sort... what do you think?

The Impassable Stairway.

The unique viewing area for the giraffes was exciting. Audrey got to go up to the second level and see a giraffe eye to eye. By the time I made it up, the giraffe got camera shy and wandered off. I'm just glad Audrey got to experience something so fun!

I was whispering into Henry's ear the same phrase over and over again. For some reason, he thought it was absolutely hilarious! He had a great day at the zoo and everyone else did too!


Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures! I am having camera envy. :P

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing! Those were great pictures - kids are really cute.


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