Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hank!

Happy 1st Birthday to Hank!!
It's rather amazing to realize that I've managed (with a lot of help) to get this little guy through his first year. He's cautious, sensitive and loves cuddling with Mom. He hasn't had much to say so far: "Dada", "Aah-Dee", a rather pitiful attempt at "Mama", though he has developed a rather loud tongue pop, which everyone finds greatly amusing and makes Dad proud.

Papa entertains Henry's foot while he waits for the, thus far unknown, joy of CAKE!

He was a little unsure at first when we gave him the cupcake. He seemed to be trying to glean from our expressions whether we were having him on! (Take note of his left hand through all the cake-eating.)


Not too bad...


It was all about the frosting, which some would argue is the best part. :-)

Just look at that tongue!

This just about says it all!

Henry needed a lot of encouragement with the gift opening part of his birthday. He really didn't get why I stuck a blue box in front of him with an expectant look on my face.

It didn't take him long, however, to get really excited when he saw a TOY inside.

It was all about the hammer. A man and his first tool. Such joy!

(The one sad note is that Audrey was not in attendance at her brother's birthday. She, unfortunately, had a major meltdown at dinner and went to bed early.)


Cabin and Cottage said...

Poor A-dee! But you gotta be in context with that age group! What an adorable darling Henry! Never was a sweeter face! Thank you so much Mama for the pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE kinda being there with you. Hugs and kisses all around and around. Love from the club.

Rebecca said...

I wish I was there. Henry is such a cutie :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute. :) Frosting IS the best part.


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