Monday, May 24, 2010

Audrey Moments Inspire Such Joy!

Audrey was playing with her Mr. Potato Head. After a while, she took off all the pieces until it was just the potato part and this is what she said:
"Look! It's a Naked, Scary Mr. Potomus!... Look, he's naked, he's naked... He looks like a poop!"

Audrey was talking on one of her pretend phones. She offered me the phone and told me to talk to Dad (who was out in the yard working on putting in new gates). I told her that she could talk to Dad, but to let him know I said to hurry up and come back inside. This is what she said:
"Hurry up, Dad. You wanna come inside. It's so cold and chilly outside. Your hat will blow away!"

Playing in her room, this "argument" drifted down the hall and into our room. Her voice as she said this became increasingly loud, somewhat snotty and sing-song.:
"Yes... No... Yes!.... No!.... Yeeeeesss!.... Noooo!..... YeEeEeSsSs!!.... NoOoOoOoO!"

Ben blows his nose at which Audrey gives a soft scream of surprise.
"Dad needed to blow his nose."
"Well, don't blow it loud on my ears!"

Audrey brings me the twisted, crumpled headband part of a broken crown.
"It's a piece-a-crown.."


Trillium said...

Fortunately, now that you have blogged them, you have them "forever." (As long as electronic media still exist.) Sadly, fun things said by my chidren that I thought I'd never forget, I've forgotten because I didn't write them down.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love how well she speaks!

Rebecca said...

I have a little book that I have kept by my bed and have written down some of the things my children have said. Pretty cute stuff.


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