Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Big 3!

My little girl is 3!! I'm blown away by how short a time it's been and, at the same time, how 2 minutes feels like an eternity while sitting by her when she's on the potty.

We got together to wish her happy birthday. She'd been talking about her birthday for WEEKS before, so she was good and ready for the cake, candles, song, gifts and family.

She had a little difficulty with the candles. It took several tries to get them all blown out and, in the end, she needed a little help. There's always next year, right?
Audrey asked for a pink cake with pink frosting. I wish I could report that she loved it immensely. I wish. There's always next year, right?

As a side note, here is a glimpse at what my new haircut looks like. :)

Audrey was the consumate gracious gift-recipeant. She ooh'd and aah'd and squealed in all the appropriate places. She hasn't been very good at the sharing aspect, however.... There's always next year, right?
We were glad when it was all over. It's exhausting to have a birthday party. Thank heaven we didn't do a proper kid party with invited friends. There's always next ye-... er.... century, right?


Anonymous said...

Kid parties are stressful. I am glad I did one for Josh, though. LOTS of work! That was when I decided that "big" birthdays would get a friend party (like at 8 and 12, or 16). The other years would just be family (which considering how huge our family is, it's sufficient).

Rebecca said...

cute pics :)

we do big birthdays too! Most birthdays are family birthdays and it is usually kids choice to determine the venue :)

leafhopper said...

Happy belated birthday Audrey!

We give our kids a big friend birthday party at age 5. It is work and they get so much stuff they don't know what to do with but they never forget it.
Family is invited every year for dessert but presents are not necessary.

When is Henry's B-day again or did we miss it?

Katscratchme said...

Henry's was on May 2nd. It was such a short little thing that we didn't want to invite all y'all down for a 20 minute deal.
We'll definitely invite everyone down for the birthday's next year. I want to do something a little more serious and planned. These two birthdays were a bit thrown together.


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