Thursday, April 29, 2010

So easy, even I could do it...

Shy and I have decided to have a craft night; monthly, bi-monthly... we haven't quite figured it out yet. We had our first one last Saturday. We excitedly ran off to the craft store with one idea in mind. When we got there, they didn't quite have the materials that we were wanting to use. So, we ran off to a different section to get materials for another craft. Hmm... they didn't have that stuff either. We wandered for a bit (see: nearly an hour!) trying to come up with something that we could take home and work on. Shy finally mentioned the headband idea that I'd been looking at doing but dreading at the same time. (I'm not terribly confident with a sewing machine yet.) So, we sat on the floor and looked through remnant fabrics. Half an hour later, we ran around the store looking for elastic. We eventually asked an employee who looked at us blankly and pointed at the rubber band balls. Uhh... yeah. One super-speed trip to Walmart later and we were on our way home with our goodies.
I've been hunting for cute crafty ideas for quite some time now. I found this fun headband idea here.
The boys left for 4th Meal and we started cutting up our fabric. When it finally came down to braiding, Shy couldn't find her safety pins, so we used push pins on the wall (not the best technique). I managed to get one headband sewn together before Ben came over and announced that he was ready to go home.
"I'm almost done with this one," I said as I pushed the fabric gently through the sewing machine and promptly got it stuck in a huge, tangled thread mess. Shy patiently picked apart the mess while my Post-Surgery Honey-Bunny gave me a too-tired-to-give-you-an-irritated-look-but-I'm-going-to-try-anyway stare. I smiled apologetically and got back to sewing my rescued mess together.
A couple of days later, I finished off the lot and I now have six cute headbands to wear. (And I have been nearly every day.) Dad wandered into the kitchen while I was sewing the batch up and asked if I was going into business with Shy.

"Are you going to make some big bucks selling those?"

I informed him that the possibility was rather unlikely at which he turned back to his spring rolls with a grunt.

Anyway. I think they're adorable! Don't you?

I'm wearing this one today:

I have enough fabric left over to make about 50 more... I still need to make smaller versions for little Aud. Still... Christmas Gifts anyone?? :)


Anonymous said...

They look so good! I need to finish mine...And I still can't find my safety pins.

Mistylynn said...

Beautimouse! love em

Rebecca said...

those are really cute. I will have to remember this and make some for my activity day girls for Christmas.


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