Thursday, August 28, 2008


Audrey had the day from you-know-where yesterday. By the time 6 o'clock rolled around I was so sick and tired of her screaming over nothing that she went to bed right after dinner. Honestly, I couldn't figure out all day what her problem was. She'd be playing in the family room next to me and then all of a sudden, SCREAM! A few minutes later she'd be fine and playing some more... then... SCREAM! Over to the living room... SCREAM! Mom picks her up... SCREAM! Mom puts her down... SCREAM! No, I'm not exaggerating. It sounded like the way she screams when she's in pain, but she wasn't falling down or pinching her fingers on anything... The only thing I can work out is that she might be teething again. She's about due for her canines... what are those? Eye Teeth? I don't know.
There were some occassions of normal "I fell down and hurt myself." That was when the tears would show up. There isn't much that's sadder than baby tears.

Oh, another thing. I've recently started working on variety puzzles. I bought some books last week and have been doing fill-ins, cryptograms, word seeks, logic problems, etc. The logic problems have just proved to me that I'm a complete dim-wit. I spent a grand total of 4 hours (possibly more) on just one of them yesterday. Ben has tried to make me feel better and told me that I was keeping my brain moving... I said, Yeah.. in circles. More screaming from my end of the house.


shydandelion said...

Puzzle books...I always want to grab one at the store, but then a little voice in my head tells me that it would be better if I didn't humiliate myself.

Trillium said...

Audrey's screaming might be from an earache. Her recent trip with all its changes in elevation may have caused a problem. Did she have a stuffy or runny nose before or during the trip?

Chris said...

Actually, the reason why your baby screams is because she IS a baby. LOL.

As far as games go, Tammy loves playing that Suduko game. I tried it once, and I started to get a headache. I really like to play literati. I usually played on Yahoo Messenger with friends or family. Then, I found Yahoo games. There are thousands of people playing there. I won a few rounds, but I mostly got POWNED on that site. Those people can place words right next to another word, so they end up making 4 words with their letters. CRAZY.

Katscratchme said...

She's had a little bit of a stuffy nose, but nothing serious. I thought it might be some extra fluid if she IS teething.


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