Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Fruits of my Labor

I kill every green thing I touch.. by that I mean plants, in any shape or form. I remember that I once got an ivy sprig from Melissa's wedding boquet and I thought it would be super romantic if I grew a little ivy plant out of it. So, I put it in a cup of water to make the little roots sprout and it was doing very very well. Once I was happy with the roots, over the span of a few days, I put soil into the cup to try to get it acclimatized to drinking with dirt in the way. Once I was happy with that, I put it in a pot and it died in 2 days. Sigh. I decided then and there that plants hated me. It's been true up until this spring.

Over the years I've tried various tactics:
1. Buying pre-grown flowers, herbs and vegetables from the nursery. (Usually dead within a month or two)

2. Planting seeds in a patch out in the back yard. (Seedlings got buried in the shower of Elm seeds from the neighbor's tree. I was afraid to rake them out of the way for fear of digging up the little baby plants.)

3. Peet Pots... (Blew all over the yard the first night I took them out after the frosts were over. The sprinklers come on at 4am so I couldn't rescue them before they turned into little blobs of soil.)

So, I tried just planting seeds in massive quantities in pots on the front porch. I figured I would faithfully water them and see how many of the thousands of rediculous little seeds would grow... Here are the fruits of my labor: FRUITS I TELL YA! FRUITS!

Okay, so technically, these are the only actual fruits that I planted. Aren't they cute?! I have a feeling these tomatoes will be green for a long time... Just keep watering, just keep watering! (To the tune of Dorey.)

We've already complemented one meal with some of my fabulous beans and they're still coming!

Awwww! I love flowers!
An added bonus: I was watering my little cute plants this morning and I went back to put more water in my watering can and to my suprise I found a little stowaway on board. I quickly called Ben and told him to bring the camera outside. In the meantime, my little safari creature decided to jump off my watering can and onto our hose keeper.
Ben was astonished to hear that I have never seen a Mantis in person before. Always in books and on TV. He told me that this little guy was just a baby and that grown mantis's are a several inches tall/long... I sortof got the jibblies there.

The poor little guy just seems a bit forlorn about being taken (accidentally) from his flowers. I'm just too chicken to try to move him back. I'm afraid I'll break one of his little legs, or he'll jump off my hand and onto ME.. eeeek! So, I'll let him have the adventure of his life and find the plant on his own... I hope he makes it... I can feel the guilt complex coming on!

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Chris said...

You should plant some lima beans. I know how much you love them.

You know what? I don't think I have ever seen a Mantis in real life either.


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