Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Petting Zoo gives Audrey the Jibblies..

Alright.. we took this horrible trip up the side of a California mountain to get to a rather decent petting zoo.. the guy who took our money looked like one of those creepy dudes from a horror movie.. he was even missing fingers on his right hand.. *jibblies*

Anyhoo, we went in and found the cute little petting zoo and Audrey just lit up. ANIMALS EVERYWHERE! By golly, there are Peacocks walking around right in front of us!!!

We got into the little enclosed barnyard area that smells like I don't know what (but I really do). Audrey got really excited and so we put her down right in the middle of a small herd of goats... Audrey is a rather large toddler but these goats dwarfed her... She was not amused and screamed to be picked back up.. *jibblies*

I figured if she had someone grown-up holding her above the animals, she might enjoy herself. No such luck. The llamas (happy llama, sad llama..) reached their heads over the fence to take dried corn from us and Audrey tried to melt into Jennifer's torso. I've never seen her try to be so small. She's normally so confident. I guess it's hard to be confident when your parents are trying to feed you to pot bellied pigs and goats. *jibblies*

There was one begger goat that kept pawing at Ben's leg which was pretty hillarious. Ben kept putting corn on a pigs back to get the goat to eat off the pig. It wasn't picky.. "Yum! Pig Back Corn!" And some of the boy goats in another pen were getting ticked off at each other and head butting. That was awsome.. the thunk when they hit each other was super cool!

Where are the pictures you say? Well.... I hit a random button while downloading the pictures onto my computer and the download stopped... Rather stupidly, I deleted most of the pictures off my camera before I realized that I didn't get them all. Aaaaaaagh! So.. I have a few sad pictures to show you..

This is the weird plucked chicken.. standing next to a rather normal looking feathered chicken.. *jibblies*

This was the super cute baby llama! It took me a solid half hour to get a picture of it without it's mom in the way.

Audrey touching the only animal she was not afraid of.. a big fake horse... sigh.


shydandelion said...

LOL! Good for Audrey! I, myself, and terrified of big, fake horses. In fact, at Thanksgiving point there is a big fake cow with semi-life-like udders that over the years have been ripped off by people attempting to milk have the perfect word for it... "Jibblies!"

Trillium said...

When we lived in Garden Grove, we took Jen, Becky, and Chris to Santa’s Village (in the Mountains) to the petting zoo. Jennifer was between 2 and 3 years old. She had some popcorn to feed the animals, and put her tiny fingers through the fence to feed a small deer. I was afraid that she was holding the popcorn wrong and might get bit. But the deer gently licked the popcorn from Jenny’s fingers, and in the process tickled her fingers with its tongue. Jenny giggled in delight. I was moved watching these two gentle creatures. Nibblies.

Chris said...

Tammy and I took our kids to the State Fair a couple of weeks ago, and they had this Carnival area, and everyone that worked there looked like they came right off the cast of "Something Wicked this Way Comes."

I handed over a twenty to buy some cotton candy for $1.50, and when he handed me the change for $18.50, I said, "Keep the change."

*Nibblies and Jibblies galore*

I think he chewed off his own fingers.


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