Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Obsession VS The Stomach Flu

So Audrey got the stomach flu on the 21st.. the day before her birthday... Throw up and birthday cake don't mix. Well, they do.. just not the way you would want them to. So, she was sick and crabby and a whole lot of not much fun for the whole week. She didn't learn how to walk and she only wanted to be cuddled! Good thing we got her portraits taken the week before, or who knows how those would have turned out *shudder*!
She was over it by Friday or Saturday but was cranky for a few more days (just for good measure it seems). All was glorious and beautiful in the world! Oh wait, then I got it....

I now understand why the little stinker wanted to be cuddled all week. With Ben at work and Audrey thinking Mom was invincible, I spent the better part of Thursday curled up on a recliner, wishing I would die... or was it Wednesday?.... By Friday, I thought I was over it. By Saturday night, I was wishing I had died on Thursday... (or was it Wednesday?) Now here comes the REALLY awful part: I was so sick...... I couldn't stand to sit up longer than half an hour at a time... so.... no..... computer!! *Gasp!* My sister and I had started playing a new game since Mabinogi was starting to get annoying... Yay for Flyff! And of course, you would think that since it doesn't take much energy to sit at a computer, that I would be hunky dorey playing Flyff.... WRONG! Sitting up for any length of time made me dizzy.. and therefore.. motion sick.. and therefore....... you get the picture!

So, in the battle between Flyff and The Stomach Flu.... sigh... the disgusting illness won out!

The good news is we got Audrey's 1 year old portraits back! Hooray! She is super cute, if I do say so myself. I am going to put some of them up on my Facebook account as soon as I stop playing Flyff! Hooray for Flyff! :D

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