Saturday, May 24, 2008

I hate relatives that aren't relatives!

Aunt Flo has reared her ugly head... Stupid Woman. She comes to visit without so much as an "if you please", eats all my food for a week and leaves my house in shambles. Stupid Woman.

Ben told me (and our room-mate Scott) just a few days ago that I'm super emotional when I have PMS, but during the actual WEEK OF DOOM, I'm fairly normal.... well, that's a relief. At least I'm not a complete psycho and don't even know it.

Audrey started walking like it was old hat this week and aside from being a bit wobbly, she's pretty good at it. She refuses to perform when we want her to, but she does it when she thinks we aren't paying attention. Or, maybe it's when she herself isn't paying attention... food for thought.

Ben and I are having trouble adjusting to the break from school. We (I) keep saying "Wow, we're going to have so much time to clean!" What have we been doing, really? Sleeeeeeeeep... eat... sleeeeeeeep... go to the mall.... watch TV... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.... sigh...
We did get some laundry in the wash this morning. Of course, that was more out of necessity than the desire to have a clean room.

We're going up to the mountains today for a Memorial Day weekend party. My friend Tiffany's father is part of a Bike Club *cough! Biker Gang! ...just kidding* and everyone is getting together for a big blowout.. Pig roasted in the ground and everything... mmm.. dirt! So, we're ready to escape the city and spend some time communing with nature and some inebriated humans. We'll be there until Audrey decides that it isn't fun anymore and screams all the way home. Hopefully, that will make her sleep well tonight and well into tomorrow morning.. fat chance, that!
We're also trying to convince Ben's dad, Dale to have a Memorial Day BBQ or something of the sort.. you can't have Memorial Day without a BBQ, comeon!! I think I will have to tell him that I can't live without his.. well, any mention of cooked protein just sounds like an innuendo...

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