Monday, April 21, 2008

Long Weekend

I feel like I spent my entire weekend getting beaten up by 18 toddlers holding nerf bats.... sigh..
One of my best friends got baptized on Saturday... then we went to Chili's to celebrate! That was fun but totally stressful. Then, after that, we went over to Nanny's house and had a big party to celebrate everyone's spring birthdays in the family..Audrey got a baby doll for her birthday! She loves it! (She also got all of an hour for a nap that day... and she was acting like it too. She decided to climb out of Nanny's crib, land on the floor and cry until her daddy came to get her!)
On Sunday, we had church, which was busy in and of itself. The kids were mostly well behaved, but the adults left a little to be desired. My best friend and her boyfriend are in the middle of a tense "evaluation period"... I'm glad I'm not dating anymore!
Then, after church, we went straight over to Grandpa's house and had a little party over there. Audrey had her first piece of cake and spent about 20 minutes trying to pick up every crumb of it. She was really excited!
Then, when she got up this morning, she had throw up in her bed.. After her first bottle of milk in the morning, she threw up.. and she only ate about 3/4 of her second bottle. I think she was having trouble digesting the pork roast she tried the night before.
Thank heaven for bedtime!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is her first birthday, which basically proves that I can keep a baby alive for at least a year. (Not counting the pregnancy)

We watched I Am Legend on our DVR tonight.. It was pretty good, but I think I knew too much about it before watching it, so there really weren't any surprises. But, all in all, it was a fun movie and I'm glad I watched it before the sun went down. I think I would have been much more creeped out otherwise!

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