Monday, May 19, 2008

Dang Leeches!

Okay, so I have hypothyroidism. As such, I have to go and get my blood drawn at least once a year, sometimes more. Needles freak me out and I dont care what people say about getting used to it. I can deal with it, but I'll never get used to it. Can you imagine.. Ok, here's my vein, poke it all you want, heck take a whole pint while your at it! Bleah!

So, anyway. I got my yearly labwork done on Thursday. I was lucky that I didnt have time to over-think it in the waiting room. They were totally dead and there was no wait. I can never look when they poke the needle in, but I usually do once it's there. Good thing I dont faint at the sight of blood like some people do. There was a little droplet right where she poked in. She was done really fast though and she was very professional and experienced. So, I was thinking, yay! I dont have to do that again for a while.

Well, today, I checked in with my OB's office and asked them what I should do since I am "late" and have gotten 2 negative test results. They sent me for bloodwork... whaddayaknow.... :P
So, ran down to the lab and waited..... and waited... for my turn for the bloodsuckers to get me... what a strange thing.. we all line up like cattle and willingly hold out our arms.
So, when my personal leech walked in, she seemed a little hesitant, but I didn't think anything of it... First, she tied that little rubber thing around my arm and felt around on my vein.. and felt around on my vein.. and felt around on my vein.. and then practically bruised my vein while she felt around some more... then she untied it and felt around some more. Then, she left the little alcohol square on my arm while she wandered around looking for her gloves and cotton squares... Then she put the rubber tie thing on again and got her needle and tried to stab all the way through my arm and out the other side... I couldnt even watch it! No wonder I forgot my name and date of birth when she re-verified it!

So, I should get the results back tomorrow (hopefully there's a little miniature body in there that will be super cute when I take it home). I don't know what they will do if I'm not "PG".... well.. good excuse to keep trying at any rate.

In the mean time, Ben is off school for a few weeks and we're going to put him to work! Yay! An extra set of hands makes all the difference.

I also planted all my seeds today. So, Beans, Tomatoes, Herbs, flowers.. hooray! Hopefully I dont kill them this year, like I do every other year. And, hopefully the neighborhood cats dont decide that the catnip I planted is especially for them... :P

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