Friday, May 30, 2008

Wait! That's not spam mail!!

Holy Shmoly! I got a reply from Henry Rollins today... email. Well, it was either him or his assistant. It was rather vague. And short. At first I thought it was a spam mail because the subject line said "HR" which, after having been employed in the HR field for a little while, means Human Resources to me... but I opened it out of curiosity and there was a short little email with lots of short lines and periods... it was as follows:

"Emily. I appreciate the letter, thanks for sending. I don't know how to interpret dreams but it sounds like I was on yourmind momentarily. No need to feel guilty about hugging me, it's not a problem at all. I don't know when I will be in the great state of NM next but I appreciate the invite all the same. Thanks. Henry"

So, what do you think? Was that really from him or was it some kind little assistant who thought my letter was rip-roaring hillarious and mildly pathetic? So, what did I do next? You guessed it.. I emailed him back... sigh.. the squashing of my ego continues below:

"Hello Henry,

I have no intention of being a pest, but if I am please let me know. Is this an address that I may contact you at if I have any further musings/questions for you? Or, if this is a generalized fan-mail account, would the mail I send actually get forwarded to you or would it go through some sort of "screening out the loonies" process?
Oh, and another little tidbit from my funny little brain - I watched Johnny Mnemonic yesterday for the first time... I must say, you are the highlight of that movie for me. I usually have difficulty watching Keanu Reeves but you made the movie a real joy for me. (Any scenes you were in, that is.)

Oh, another thing before I go. I tend to get rather sarcastic on line and it can be hard to interpret that without facial expression or voice inflection. Let me know if you can take a little crap from me once in a while. I've been on my best behavior so far.

Thanks so much!


Ugh... I'm a total starstruck loser... So.. here I am by the modern phone that we call the internet, waiting for a call.... sigh... I think I might just shrivel away out of embarassment.

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