Thursday, May 29, 2008

Living on the Surface of the Sun

I am well on the road to skin cancer. My little family can spend hours in the sun, come home rosy and wake up with a tan. I spend 15 minutes in the partial shade, come home feeling like a fever, wake up looking like a lobster, peel 4 days later and go back to being ghostly pale. Sigh.
I guess I must not be overly concerned. It's not like I inspect my freckles for pre-cancerous cells.

We put Audrey in her little inflateable pool the other day. She wasn't too sure about it at first. She loves baths, but those have warm water after all. It was when I poured cool water on her back that she positively freaked out and her screaming echoed down the street... literally. By the time Ben came home from work, she was mostly okay and when he brought out her rubber duckies, she was completely okay. In fact, she was totally hurt when we took her out of the pool and changed her back into regular clothes.

I am finding that my normal witty (riiiiiight) commentary for my blog is running a little slow today. I think that my morning wake-up was a little less than pleasing:
Audrey's 5:30 squawk-fest - 5 minutes long
6:00 1st Alarm clock bell - 3 seconds
6:30 2nd Alarm clock bell - 3.5 seconds
6:31 Audrey's slightly more insistant squawk-fest - 10 mintues
6:35 Some idiot set off an illegal firework
6:36 Some idiot neighbor has a yappy dog that was woken up by the idiot with the firework
6:37 My room-mate's dog, Danzig, takes exception to the yappy dog and the firework.... for the next 20 minutes
7:30 Audrey decides that she really does want to get up and doesn't care that her mom is completely non-functional... good thing her dad shows up about 1 minute after mom drags her sorry butt out of bed....

It's times like this that I wish I was able to take naps....

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