Friday, March 26, 2010

The Scrapbooking Beast and Taking Time to Dance

So the Scrapbooking Beast has taken over my brain and my room for the last month or so. It took a short hiatus while I attempted to scan all my old negatives with my new handy-dandy negative scanner. (If you look at the second picture, you can see my new scanner under a pile of miscellaneous papers, candy bags and a box of Kleenex.) After I finished that, I  scanned some VERY, VERY OOOOOOLD pictures of me and various family members. After I did that, I decided that I just HAD to order some prints. When the prints came in, I just HAD to start scrapbooking again, even though I still have my professional wedding pictures to scan (I know, I know. Copyrights, blah, blah. But our photographer DID give us the negatives and, I'm sorry, my scanner doesn't take the larger size negatives.) and both my babies' ultrasounds to scan.

After getting all the pictures I (currently) have scrapped and in binders, I remembered rather suddenly that I have over twenty years of old cards and letters that I could put in the scrapbooks too. I mean, what else am I going to do with them? Honestly? Why did I keep them?, you say. If you don't already understand, I'll never be able to explain it to you.

So, I have spent about 6 hours during the course of this day sorting, dating, cropping, adhering and sheet protector-ing all those cards and letters (for the first 20 years of my life).

Needless to say, my kids were feeling an eensy bit neglected. Oh, I wasn't ignoring them, but I'm sure that the "Don't TOUCH that!" and "Rwaaar!" responses from Mama didn't make them feel especially loved.

I decided that a short break in the kids' room might make everyone feel a little better. I turned on the radio, fixed Audrey's snap beads and sat back in the recliner.

I was treated to an interpretive dance show by my daughter who happily told me "Yes!" when I asked if she wanted to be a ballerina.
Eventually she got into a hip shaking groove and the ballerina was all but forgotten; replaced with the Rock Star.

All this time, Hank was just looking for a little attention.

I love the funny little skeptical looks that he was giving. Truth told, that was just his reaction to the flash of the camera. Cute anyway, though.

After the playroom boogie was over with, we adjourned to Mama and Dad's room where, in spite of all our efforts, has turned into the kids' domain as well.

Why are all the free toys the favorites?

We got this moth cutout at the Rio Grande Botanical Gardens. We took a night tour the year Audrey was born. It has lost the Popsicle stick it was taped to, but the kids fight over it and carry it around everywhere.


Mistylynn said...

I love scrapping too! What scanner did you get? I've been in the market.
Isn't it funny what toys or things kids will cherish.

Anonymous said...

Lot O' Work. I have a pile of old letters and cards in my trunk...I can't bear to toss them! Maybe some day I will catch the scrapbook bug, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. :P

Katscratchme said...

It's the CanoScan 5600F. As far as Cannon negative/slide scanners go it's the mid-range. There is one that is cheaper and one that is more expensive. This one seemed to best fit my needs and it doesn't do a bad job. (It scans documents and pictures like a regular scanner too.)

Rebecca said...

i have a hope chest with all my scrapbooking stuff and I have a couple plastic totes as well... I had the bug for scrap booking a few years back, but haven't loved doing it since the house burned down...

Sand Club said...

So sweet to see those faces! Thank you Thank you! Great tip on the scanner--I wondered how that was all done. I NEED one! Keep up the good scrapping!


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