Monday, March 1, 2010

Guess what?

Not five minutes ago, I took Henry downstairs to play with his sister and her friend, Kylee. I put him down on the floor, but he refused to sit, locking his knees. He's been doing this a lot lately. He REALLY wants to walk. So, I made sure he was balanced and let go. He'll normally stand for a moment and then plop down on his bum. He stood for about a second and a half, then swung his left leg forward and leaned forward slightly, wobbled, set his foot down, wobbled, plop!

It took me a moment to realize that I had just witnessed Henry's first honest-to-goodness step. I sprinted up the stairs to find Ben who was getting ready to run to the bus stop to get to school.

"DAD!" I said a little loudly, expecting him to be at the door, not in the kitchen with my mom.


"Guess who just took his first step?"

Ben's mouth popped open and then just as quickly turned downward in a disappointed pout. He has missed a lot of Henry's firsts lately. I explained what happened and then said, "Of course, his first step would be toward Audrey."

"Of course," Ben said, philosophically, "She's his big sister."

Audrey has been responsible for quite a few firsts with Henry. She was the first one to make him REALLY laugh hard; when she was crying. She frequently makes him cry hard; when she's laughing. She's typically the only one who can get him to laugh and be happy when he's sad.

I have high hopes for them being best friends as they grow up.


Sand Club said...

Sounds like they are ALREADY best friends--. How precious!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just a little bit he will be RUNNING, and you won't get him to stop. :P

Trillium said...

Since he's going to need to run a lot, thank goodness spring is near, and a park is near!

Rebecca said...

Evan and Aislyn were best friends when very little and they still share special moments together.

The bonds between siblings grow strong.

Have fun!


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