Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Juju

Audrey and Henry have been brewing colds for over a week. As horrible as it is to have to wrestle with my boy to wipe his snotty face, remind my girl to cover her mouth when she coughs and worry that a fever may still be on the horizon, the worst part is feeling ineffectual when it comes to their recovery.

Yes, they get vitamins every day. Though, I often wonder how much good it really does to give Audrey half a Flintstones and squirt disgusting brown liquid that smells like a vitamin bottle from the 1950's down Hank's throat.

I make sure they get a good amount of water. They're both good eaters, even when they're sick.

I've even got them some children's cough and cold medicine to help them overnight with this terrible cough they've both developed. I give them each a fraction of a dose, though, so I wonder if it does anything for them at all...

Hank seems to be coming out of it for the most part.

Audrey is another story. She's got a horrible barking cough that just won't give up. She's the size of a four year old, but I hesitate to give her a full dose of the cough medicine... so, here I am, feeling the Bad Mom. Of course, I also just remembered 10 minutes ago to turn on their humidifier. That would have been helpful, right? Sigh.

I've always said that I am okay with my kids getting sick because it's normal and it'll make them stronger in the end. It'll boost their immune system so they don't get sick from any little germ they come in contact with. Yet, I find my resolve breaking when I hear my children struggling to sleep because of a nasty cough. It makes me want to go into their room and scrub all the walls, boil all their blankets and clothes, bleach clean their toys and set fire to anything that I can't possibly clean.

In a few days, they'll be fine, and I'll wonder why I was so worried. In the mean time, my heart breaks every time I hear my daughter whimper in her sleep.

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Rebecca said...

i know what you mean. It is difficult when our children aren't feeling well. I feel helpless when I have done everything I can and it doesn't appear to be enough.

hang in there it will get better


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