Friday, March 19, 2010

Working too hard and hardly working.

Okay, so I teased you guys a bit at the end of my last blog. So here is the news whether you find it good or not, depending on your fondness of Ben's occupation.

Three months after he applied, Fedex called Ben for an interview. We talked it over and determined that the pay would be similar to what he is currently making, however, the commute would be a third the distance. So, he went in for the interview and they pretty much said he had it as long as he could pass the background check. I hate waiting...

He got a call this morning. As it turns out, Ben isn't a criminal and Fedex invited him to work tomorrow morning. And by morning, I mean MORNING.... 3am, morning. This is after working his full day at Sundance. Ah, to be young again, when sleep was optional and kids were something that OTHER people had... and we laughed about both...


For the next week and a half, Ben has two jobs since he wasn't about to leave Sundance high and dry during the last part of the busy season. He'll be working four or five nights a week there until about 10pm, come home, try to sleep, get up at 2am (or so) and head over to FE for four hours (or so).

The benefits as I see them:

1. Ben will no longer have to work on Sunday. YAY!!
2. Ben will be home for dinner every night, which means I won't have to flake out on helping with dinner and I also won't have to pack Ben a lunch. Woot!
3. Ben will be home to help get the kids in bed.
4. Date Night now becomes optional again.
5. Less wear and tear on Ben's car. (Yes, he has his own car. I'll let him tell you about that.. a car is a personal thing, you know.)
6. He'll be sorting packages, so his arms are going to get BUFF... oh, yeah.
And the list could go on...

The downsides include no more Sundance discounts, Ben has to get up at 3am, he'll have to figure out when he can catch a nap during the day, and this MIGHT cause some tricky scheduling with school in the fall... oh, and did I mention that he has to get up at 3AM?!?

On to the hardly working...

Yeah, my thyroid hardly works.

I finally went to see an endocrinologist today (well, her nurse, anyway). I've been trying to piece together the scattered information I've been getting about my issues and I finally decided that I needed to see a specialist.

After filling the nurse in on over ten years of medical history, (yes, she was impressed) I was pleased to find that not only does she not mind that I've been taking the ever so controversial drug Armour Thyroid, she was more than happy to give me the information for a compound pharmacy in Provo where I could get a compound variation of Armour any time the big chains run out of the still-spotty supplies of the brand name. I am thrilled, to say the least!

She also sent me for more blood work (um, yay...) which included antibodies testing. I don't think I've ever had anyone check this before, the goal being to find out what is actually causing my hypothyroidism. No one has ever given me a clear explanation.

I also have an ultrasound scheduled for next Wednesday. They mostly want to make sure that there aren't any freeloading nodules wearing out their welcome. Hopefully, they won't find anything other than my lazy thyroid hanging out in there.

After about 6 weeks, I'll go for more bloodwork and then another appointment with the nurse. So, more to come. Wish me luck. I'm not freaked out about it... yet.


Rebecca said...

yeah for Ben! a little extra money for a bit... Yeah for you! Yeah for the kids!

Sorry about the blood tests! those kinda suck!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Buff arms are always a plus...

So, is he going to switch his school schedule at all if he works the graveyard shift?

By the way, before I clicked on your blog link, I read your blog title, and immediately I hearing the mice from "Babe" reading your blog. Ha ha ha!

Sand Club said...

GADS! I read your post right away and put off making a comment! Ben's probably back to a normal routine by now! Congratulations on the new job! Hope you get some good answers to your thyroid issues.

Becky and the Boys said...

I gave up on mainstream medicine and started going to a naturopathic physician who diagnosed me with Hashimoto's hypothyroid - which explained why I've had all the symptoms of low thyroid for many years, but no MD could ever figure it out...(it's having antibodies to the thyroid, which means an autoimmune reaction to it) She did many things (with fertility and wellness in mind) but the thing that probably helps the most is taking iodine. It's changed my life. You might look into it. She prescribes prolamine iodine, which is actually on amazon. Good luck!


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