Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Old Friends and New Craft Projects

Why do I always want to start my blogs with "Okay..." or "So..."? What in the world is wrong with my brain?!?


A week and a half ago, you would have found my little family attempting to keep ourselves busy in the front room. We almost never go in there unless we're having some sort of festive occasion or if we're visiting with someone. In this case it was both.

I fussed over the kids while Ben took pictures of me... fussing over the kids.

Why do things you're anticipating always take freaking FOREVER?

And of course, the moment our guests arrived, we were trying to get organized with a couple of neighbors who had come for a short errand. So, our rather weak facade of relaxed welcome was shattered. Oh well.

Scott came!!! Yay!!

We only found out he was going to stop by about two hours before he did, so it was a lovely surprise. He and his dad were making a big trip through Utah and Idaho to see family and friends.
We visited for about an hour. Scott is doing REALLY well. He's getting through his rehab faster than anyone expected. He's looking like his old self again too, which is wonderful! He's talking about what he would need to do to get back to work at a regular job and he's going to school (which is basically occupational classes preparing him to get back into the workforce).

His sense of humor is back and the only obvious residual effect of his accident is that he sounds like he has a deep southern drawl.

It also didn't take long for Ben and Scott to get back into their old antics.

The visit was far too short and Audrey has been asking to see "Uncle Scott" ever since. A trip out to good ol' Cali might be in order if we can scrape up the green.

We're so excited for Scott and can't wait to see how improved he is the next time we see him!

I stole (uh, borrowed) this idea from Jenn. I loved it so much, I just had to do it myself. It was super easy and I have enough screen left over to do about 50 of these things. Hmm... Christmas is only eight and a half months away.....



Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!

AND I LOVE THAT EARRING HOLDER! WOW! I was sorta sceptical about how it would look, but it looks great!

I wouldn't mind having one... :D

Mistylynn said...

Great great great! On the weight loss, the visitors and the earring screen!!! WOO HOO!

Cabin and Cottage said...

Cute earring screen! Looks like a fun project. It was great to hear about Scott and to see he is doing so well.And to see pictures. Audrey's hair is getting so long! And I guess FedEx has fairly liberal standards, no? Mama looks good. It doesn't look too cold outside. We kept hearing about snow! XX love frum the clubb.

Cabin and Cottage said...

hey I just read my comment and it sounds like I'm saying Ben doesn't look good too! love seeing ya'll even in cyber. Things look good --I hope they are XX

Rebecca said...

cool earring screen! That's a really cute idea.

Great pictures!

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