Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day at Nanny's House

After church and naptime, we all headed over to Nanny's house to celebrate Mother's Day. The weather was just about perfect and we spend a lovely afternoon and evening in one of her courtyards.
Grandfather set out a nice fruit and cheese spread, allowing everyone to eat whatever and whenever they wanted. (Which for me meant almost constantly...)

Audrey's favorite food were the chips, of course.

Mama's favorite food was... everything.

Sasha and Uncle Joe

Audrey and the requisite cup of ice.

Audrey and Uncle Sam

Audrey takes a pit stop with Mama and Nanny.

The highlight of Audrey's visits at Nanny's house is chasing around the chickens!

Audrey never walks anymore if she can at all help it. It's run, run, run!

All in all a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Cute cute! Looks like fun!

Trillium said...

Does this mean we will have to get some chickens in June? haha


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