Thursday, May 14, 2009

Audrey is 2!!

I know I said something to this effect last year, but it really seems improbable that I've managed to keep a kid alive for another year. Even more improbable, she's happy, healthy and really smart.
Audrey just turned two on April 22nd and she frequently amazes me. She is learning spanish and chinese words and uses them appropriately. She remembers things we have told her weeks before and haven't mentioned again, then she'll bring it up on her own. She is fearless (except for a certain chicken and her daddy's skull bank) and she is happy most of the time.
Since Ben and I spent her birthday in the hospital trying, fruitlessly, to have a baby, we celebrated her birthday a couple of days later at Nanny's house.

We practiced for a couple of days to help her learn to blow out candles. (That didn't prepare us for her trying to accidentally eat a lit candle while trying to blow it out at Grandpa's house the following Sunday.)
Yum! A few more bites of frosting and I'll lose interest.

Nanny picked all the right presents! I was thrilled!

Finally! A phone just my size!

What did Mom and Dad get me??
Perfect! (And specifically calculated as a toy that she can't shove crayons into.)

Everything becomes jewelry in the end because I'm a girl.


Trillium said...

I guess we'll have to have another birthday party when she comes here in June! She'll get really confused.

shydandelion said...

That's too cute! I hope she and Eva get along really well. :)

Rebecca said...

Very cute. I especially liked the pink toys.


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