Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mama's Little Shoe-Horse

My little girl isn't quite so little anymore.. and she LOVES shoes. (Especially Mama's)

It takes some practice to get these kinds of shoes on.

Whoot! Just look at those calves!!

She's much cuter than her Mama in these shoes. :)

Dance Baby, dance!!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute! She got the Hyde women calves (which I think are mom's actually.)!

Trillium said...


Zaphod said...

I would say something here, but I would undoubtedly be misunderstood.... See! I told you I would be misunderstood!

Rebecca said...

it's okay... :) the Hyde sister's have sexy legs!!! And they did get them from mom.


skylifs: better known as - mama's shoes that make little girls cute.


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