Saturday, May 16, 2009

Henry Hyde

So we went in to have a baby on May 1st. I almost had a promise from my doctor that we would get induced that night. I kept having regular, though unproductive, contractions that would go on for hours. Fortunately, they put me on pitocin right away and I was off. It took a while to get my contractions going nice and strong, and I ended up needing a second epidural (since the first one left a "window" over my left hip).

The nurse midwife was awesome! She did her masters study in positioning women for labor. Apparently, if you prop up a woman in just the right way, it will help the baby come out much easier and better. So, I was cuddled with numerous pillows and blankets while I was waiting for Henry to make his appearance.

At about 3pm on May 2nd, I informed one of the nurses that I thought something must be happening since I was finally starting to feel a tiny bit of pressure. I figured I must be a ways off since I had felt a whole lot of discomfort with Audrey right before she came. When the midwife came in and checked me, little Henry's head was about two inches from coming out on it's own! If I hadn't said anything, I probably would have had that baby by myself! (Scary!!)

Two good pushes and he was out. All I wanted to know was whether he was a boy or not. I gave away all my girl clothes and I was worried that a surprise girl would end up going home naked!

So at 3:32pm on May 2nd, my little Henry Hyde joined the family. He was a solid 7 lbs 8 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.

All I can say is "Thank Heaven I'm not pregnant anymore!"

So relieved to have such a sweet boy in my arms.

"Why is it so cold and so bright and so loud?!?"

You'll be so big before I know it!


Davola said...

Congratz! "They" say that the easier the birth than the crazier the kid. Just ask mom.

"SHLED" You should realy wait to say sled until after the fire department helps remove your tongue from the frozen pole.

pinky said...


Anonymous said...

I want to be cuddled when I got into labor..I got gypted! He is SOOO CUTE! In the fourth picture down he looks a little like a bassett hound. :)Other than that, he looks like Ben.

Lacey said...

"Thank Heaven I'm not pregnant anymore!"


Glad everything went so well!

Trillium said...

Sweet baby. Enjoy him. Second babies are almost always easier all the way around than first babies. (Being an "experienced" Mom helps you have a little more confidence.) :)

Rebecca said...

How fun! Henry is beautiful.

You will have to keep us informed so the gonzales clan knows when the baby blessing is.


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