Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Place of Her Own

About a week ago, Audrey developed the desire to sit under things. It started with one of our bar-height table chairs that we have sitting in the family room. She would crawl under or over the cross-bars and sit there. It took her a while to figure out how to get out without hitting her head or getting stuck.

Ben and I were a little bemused at first, but I figured it out after a few times. Audrey was looking for an "Audrey sized" place to play. I think we often forget how big our houses must seem to little kids because, after all, they aren't that big to us. Once I told Ben my theory, and reminded him of most every kids love of building tents (houses, clubhouses, forts, castles, etc), he was off to find a bedsheet.

The resultant structure is held together by the aforementioned chair, a toybox and the pink horse she got for Christmas. She goes in there multiple times a day. She will pull the sheet aside, say "Mama?/Dada?" and upon our reply, go into a lengthy babble about what she's doing or why she's feeling so happy. We usually don't understand a word, but we say "okay" and she'll go back to what she was doing.

It was hard to get candid shots of her in the tent since she is hyper-aware of us 90% of the time. She usually poses and says "cheeese" when she catches sight of the camera. But, she did take me on a little tour of her place.

Peeeeeek-a-booo! I seeeee you!
The Chair of Inspiration
The hair that Mom can't do a thing with. Sigh.

After the tour, Audrey and her mom took some glamour shots to commemorate the ocassion.

Double shot of blue eyes!
"Aren't my Mom and Dad awesome!!"


Trillium said...

Awesome, indeed!

word verification= mousse (I think there is a spy at blogger who is reading our blogs and comments )

mousse: what to do with Audrey's hair?????

Anonymous said...

That's great! we have built some tents for Joshua, but he only stays in them for a few minutes because he wants us to play in them with him. I am afraid I am not very fun...

Jen said...

My kids STILL like tents. . . maybe I do too. . .

aubso: aubrey spy online

Katscratchme said...

Dara, maybe you can try again now that Eva should like to play in there with him.. :) It's always more fun with someone else!

DebbieLou said...

Sounds like fun! My kids are always doing stuff like that. My only problem is that they don't clean up and put the blankets and stuff away when they are done! ARGH!!!!!

Zaphod said...

When I was a kid (inconceivable!) and living with my grandparents in Calipatria, my cousins and I would go to the place where they stored orange crates in the off-season. The piles were about ten feet high, fifty feet long and about twenty feet wide. We would climb up on top and hollow out a section inside, making another layer of crates on top. It was our "fine and private place". I think that when my Grandma Gaskill found out what we were doing, she had a word or two to say to us. She refused to be forthcoming with a sheet, however.


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