Monday, January 19, 2009

Awesomely Fun Day!!

I need to stop thinking my fun days are going to be anything other than completely and utterly exhausting.

We got up this morning at a decent hour and took Audrey to Explora! which is a children's science center. The kids get to touch, explore and play with all the displays. At 9am they have a toddlers only hour. Audrey loved the Toddler Jam (music time) and played with all the instruments that she could get her hands on. She also loved the water currents display. She got to play in the water and not get in trouble. Her shirt was soaked by the time she was done. We looked at almost everything and I'm pretty sure that Mama and Daddy were more worn out by the end of it... at least Mama was! Shortly after the general public (I.E. big kids) started coming in, we headed home.

Then, Ben's Elders Quorum President, John came by to look at our troubled electrical system. The electricity in Audrey's room and half of the 3rd bedroom has been out completely since last fall. After playing with our breaker box for a while, he wanted a look at the outlets in Audrey's room. Long story short, the outlet behind Audrey's bed is a GFCI plug. You know, one of those outlets that has the little reset button you can press if you overload it. Apparently, all the wiring in Audrey's room and half the 3rd bedroom is controlled by this plug. If it pops, everything goes. John said, "Now, don't get mad at me, but I'm going to try something." He tested the plug with his little machine, "Nothing." Then he pressed the reset button and tested it again, "Yup. You've got power." WHAT?!?
So, Ben says he feels like a doofus because it was something so simple after all. I just chalk it up to experience. That will be the first thing we check if that ever happens again. John also offered to help rewire that room so that plug is independent from all the others. So, if it ever goes out again, it won't blow the whole area. At least we didn't have to hire an electritian to figure that one out.


We went downtown for a photo session with a good friend of mime, Monique. She ran us all around the downtown area to cool looking areas to take pictures. She said she would have the pictures up sometime tonight, so I'll post a link to her site as soon as she's got them up!! I'm so excited! She's an awesome photographer!
Then we had a bite to eat and caught up with her and her family. We haven't seen them in over 5 years! What a day! But it was super fun!!!

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Monique said...

just you wait! The pictures rock! (thanks)


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