Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

I adore whistling tea kettles. There is something about them that makes me feel at home. While I was in Utah visiting my parents, I used their whistling tea kettle to warm water for my hot chocolate. One morning, as I was doing this, my grandmother came down the stairs and said, rather practically, "You know, you can just warm your water up in the microwave."

I replied with a smile, "I know, but whistling tea kettles are so charming. I can't help myself."

"Yes," Grandma said, "they are charming."

Charming indeed. I love whistling tea kettles. So, with this conversation in mind, when I wrote out my Christmas Wish List to give to Ben, I put Whistling Tea Kettle at the top of the list. I had every confidence that Ben would get one for me since he knows my feelings all too well. So, I was exquisitely pleased on Christmas morning when I opened that particular package.

I use my new whistling tea kettle nearly every morning to fix myself some hot chocolate and I make sure to leave enough hot water for anyone else who would like a warm breakfast. Ben is partial to oatmeal, himself. My little heart receives it's fuzzies every morning upon the sweetly pitched call from the kitchen that my water is ready.

One day I'll have some pretty little teacups that I can happily sip my hot chocolate from. Maybe next Christmas.


llegue said...

I agree....charming :)

shydandelion said...

Ah warm oatmeal...yumm...

Trillium said...

The small joys of life. :)

prodork: someone too impatient to wait for water to heat in a singing teakettle, so they use the microwave

Jen said...

I personally like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. . . :)


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