Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pregnant Hot Dog

Since I am not allowed to sleep on my back anymore, I have two body pillows that I sleep with at night. I hug one while I (try to) sleep and the other is stuffed next to my back in case I try to roll into the off-limits position while I repose. According to the books, internet, etc, the left side is supposed to be the ideal side to sleep on, maximizing blood flow. So, I usually try to start out my evening dutifully sleeping on that side. This typically only lasts a few hours at which time I will wake up and need to switch to my right side, tuck body pillows in around me again and sleep some more.
This typically goes on all night; every few hours changing position and restuffing body pillows accordingly. As you can imagine, I don't get a lot of sleep.

This morning, while trying to get my sorry self in gear for our 9am church session, I was pondering my night of flip-flopping. I turned to Ben and said, "I feel like a hot dog on one of those turner things."

"You what?" came the appropriate response. After explaining, Ben laughed and said, "You have to blog about that!"

Me, the pregnant hot dog. Turning, turning, turning... all... night.


Trillium said...

More dieting sabotage! I can smell the hotdogs turning on the grill now! ONE can't hurt-- right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Doctors make stuff up just to control people. Every year it changes: Sleep on the right, sleep on the left, sleep on your back, sleep upsidedown, sleep in a fetal position, sleep standing up. With Eva, I could only sleep on my back. And she is fine. Doctors suck.

DebbieLou said...

Boy can I relate to that. I did the exact same thing with all 3 kids. Someone pass the mustard!

leafhopper said...

I too love the body pillows. It is the only thing that has kept me on my left side for all my pregnancies. I feel squished between them and Chris. When one of the boys come in I have to kick the pillow out and use them as my pillow:D. I am a belly sleeper so that just doesn't work anymore.


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