Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Questionnaire

With Ben away at WLC (Sergeant school), one of the events he has been unable to celebrate at home this year is Father's Day. So, I put together some cute questionnaires for my kids to answer, and then I mailed them out to him. He received them this morning, so I am finally free to post them up here. :)

I found the questions on Pinterest, but just copied them down and designed my own simple form and added a nifty clipart Soldier down at the bottom. I think I tracked down the original idea to Make it Perfect's blog, so I wanted to make sure I acknowledged that. 

Just to make sure Ben could read them, I filled out the kids' answers, but let them sign the bottom, themselves. 

Ben called me this morning and said that he really enjoyed them. I'm just glad that we could send him something to make him smile while he's away.

The kids are also fixed on getting him a present (Audrey is very firm on a specific idea). We will be going to the store sometime this week to pick out something for him. There won't be enough time to mail it out to him, so we will wrap it up and have him open them when he comes home.

Our anniversary is also this week (double whammy). I've already got some ideas percolating, but I won't be able to share them here until after he receives them here at home, so stay tuned for those in a couple of weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Those were great! I love how Henry's name got bigger near the end. That R is outrageous! :D


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