Tuesday, June 4, 2013

School Dance Festival

Kindergarten has been quite an adventure for everyone in our family and not just for the kindergartner, herself. It's hard to say who had it cut out for them the most; me trying to keep up with the mountains of homework and other papers, Ben missing out on most of the school year, Audrey dealing with the joys and challenges of school or Henry being left at home without a playmate...

In the last week, Audrey's school had their annual dance festival. Because we had been out of town, Audrey didn't have much time to learn the dance, but she had a good partner and learned quickly. I wish I had a video camera, but a few stills will have to do and you'll have to use your imagination when I say that those two were completely adorable. The song their class was dancing to was "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.

The girls kept scooting down the line as the dance went on and I had a hard time capturing them.
But, it was so cute and so sweet. I'll be better prepared the next time she has an event like this. Maybe I'll even have a video camera by then.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I remember doing something like that for kindergarten. It was a teddy bear parade, and we didn't dance, but it was fun. :)


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