Wednesday, May 16, 2012

19 of 30: Live Anywhere

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If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

I have so many places that I dream of living, but when I envision my home, it is always in the country. By that, I don't mean anything having to do with country music, cowboy boots or rodeos. I do not, however, rule out barns, animals or expansive vegetable gardens.

I envision a place where the neighbors are not visible. Where peace and quiet and room to roam are the reality. Where mornings are warm and afternoons are punctuated by a light, cooling rain just at the hottest part of the day. Reality often does not fit the bill, but the romantic in me believes I can find what I want in the English  Countryside or somewhere in the Kentucky Bluegrass region. Oh, and there are never mosquitos in these dreams.

Until my visions become a reality, however, home is always with my family.


Anonymous said...

You description of the country reminded me of Sense and Sensibility...yes...I would like that too!

Rebecca said...

i almost have it... the houses could be a little further apart where I live.

Just this morning I could hear the doves cooing. I think there is a nest in our orange tree.

There is a cool soft breeze today and I can hear it moving through the leaves.

That is bliss.


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