Friday, May 11, 2012

17 of 30: Wish I was Great At

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What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

I've been steadfastly ignoring this next posting in the 30 Things series, thus proving what I shall write next.

I wish I was great at (heck, I wish I was even slightly better at) finishing projects. If I could stack all my projects in a pile, it would avalanche over the top of me and bury me alive. Of course, such an attempt on my part would be ill-advised and quite impossible as many of my projects don't have a physical manifestation (yet).

At the time of this posting, I have no less than five novels waiting to be finished and, quite literally, dozens of other writing projects waiting in the wings.

I have dozens of craft projects in various stages of completion. My Pinterest account has dozens more. It seems that the moment I finish one craft, the ideas, supplies and angst of six more invade my home and stare at me belligerently until I do something about them. Unfortunately, what I usually do is tuck everything away until that spot is threatening to explode.

I have a filing box that is overflowing with records, receipts, important documents and save-worthy art projects from my children.

When I talk about craft projects, I don't include my sewing projects. Those fall into a category all their own. From jeans that need patching to tiny doll outfits that have lost buttons, they are all in the periphery of my vision, taunting me with their unfinished-ness.

I could even extend my lack of finishing abilities to games. As an example, I have three Nintendo games that have been left by the wayside because it became too difficult or scary to go on. You can't tell me that the redeads and eyeball monsters in Zelda are NOT scary.

And, of course, my problems in this area do not exclude my attempts to lose weight. How many times have I restarted my exercise regime? How many days do I wake up to my alarm just to turn it off and go back to sleep? I tell myself, I'll start again next week. But do I? Maybe next week.

I often question why this is a problem for me. I love finishing projects. I love how great it feels to complete something. Why do I delay it?
I think it comes down to whether or not I HAVE to do something. I think I still childishly enjoy the option to choose whether or not I do something. If I have a deadline which I have no control over, I never have trouble finishing something. Self-imposed deadlines are another thing altogether; I can always change my own mind.

So, now that I have examined my own psyche and determined where my problem lies, can I combat it and do better?

Let's just see if I can finish the 30 Things...

Next: What has been the most difficult thing you have had to forgive?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Well, I know what you mean. I have many unfinished projects. These projects are very much the same as yours. :)

I have a few motivators:

1) Victor threatens to throw everything away - since I am just letting it sit...

2) The Ventura County Fair - I will look at the current projects and assess whether I can finish anything. If I can, I work on those and ready them for fair quality.

3) When it comes to writing - I will read out loud what I have written. Either to myself or to a friend. The act of reading aloud sparks my imagination and then I am able to continue writing.

Just some thoughts. Getting going you have a lot to do!!!


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