Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dinner tonight was followed by some lovely strawberries. Audrey loves strawberries ("awwberries"). Because she actually tried her dinner and made somewhat of an effort with it, we rewarded her with a small bowl of the red fruit. She ate them with great alacrity and only looked at us with a worried expression when she realized that they were a touch tart.
She finished off the awwberries and asked for more. I told her that she was done and I wasn't going to give her more because I didn't want her to have an adverse reaction to them.

Okay, okay. Here's what happened:

Mom: No more tonight. Mama doesn't want you to get the cha-cha's.

Dad: Or become allergic to them.

Audrey: Cha-cha's.

Mom: Yeah. Cha-cha's aren't fun at all.

Audrey: Pffllllhhhhhhhbbbbbbtttttttt!

Mom and Dad hurriedly turn away to muffle their laughter and don't regain their composure for several minutes. Meanwhile, Audrey continues to find louder and spitty-er ways to make the sound, not helping the situation at all.


Anonymous said...


Trillium said...

Hey! WE had strawberries for supper too! YUM!

crastyor= adverse reaction to strawberries

Jen said...

We had the magical fruit for dinner. . .

Rebecca said...

i had strawberries with my lunch today.


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