Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bookmarks make me happy!

I would love to brag about my industrious and creative nature... since I'm not one to brag and I'm not in the least industrious... my creativity might just save me there. I started these a few weeks ago and only just finished a good handful a few days ago. Of course, the culprit in that delay was the ever-growing pile of mail and hospital forms that keep procreating on my desk.

I adore vintage photos (not the creepy ones) and found some really neat ones online... with the help of some lovely quotes about reading and faeries (of course faeries! don't you know me yet?), and some blank bookmarks, I was set!

The flowers were puff-stickers left over from a retro-60's Halloween theme we had at work several years ago. I won't be able to laminate them because of how thick the flowers are but I thought they were cute.

I'm planning on making more. They're slightly addictive.


shydandelion said...

OOO! Fun! I always loved book marks. Mostly ones with cats. I was at the mall yesterday and went into a curio shop that has fairy figurines and I thought of you! Hehehe!

Trillium said...

What happened to "Creation"? Did you change the title of this blog? When I clicked on "Creation" it said it did not exist.

Katscratchme said...

I deleted it because it got messed up.. I will most likely be reposting it tomorrow.


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