Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Audrey's Belly Button

We'll have more to update soon, but we just got back from the hospital. Audrey is doing fine (super grouchy). She's still a little dopey and can't walk very well, but hopefully she's not feeling any pain.
The surgeon said he was surprised at how big the hernia actually was. I guess it was a lot bigger than they originally thought. The surgery also took a little longer because he wanted to make sure he stitched up her belly button in such a way so that it looks good. :) He said if it was his daughter he would have wanted it to look nice.
Anyway.. we'll post more soon, too tired right now and haven't downloaded the pictures yet.

More soon.


Trillium said...

Kids usually bounce back quickly (24 hours)from such things as surgery. One reason is they don't have the psychological hangups, fears, and anxieties that adults do.

Jen said...

Post a picture of the surgically enhanced belly button when you get a chance. And only if it isn't covered in gross black crusty scabs. . . ew. LOL


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