Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Little Loves

Super cute idea guys! And, shhh, I thought of it in my own little brain! Why do so many of us forget to be spontaneous and fun when we've been married/attached for so long? We so often sigh over our honeys forgetting to be romantic except on those 2 or 3 days a year, but we're guilty of it too!! (Sometimes more so!) So, here's my idea.

I made up some cute little cards and laminated them this morning (when I should have been sleeping). The cards say things like "Hug me", "I love you", "I've been thinking about you", etc. Yes, sortof like conversation hearts, but much better! I call them Little Loves. Under each saying are the rules or instructions for the game: "Hide me where you know I'll be found right away or... after a while."

The cards range from simple, to thoughtful (I.E. Take a nap - no strings attached.) and into flirty and dang near spicy! I won't share the spicy ones with you, my delicacy won't allow me to. (Ben's eyes only!)

So make up some of your own Little Loves, laminate them and tuck them away in fun places, surprising places, silly places!

I hid some for Ben this morning before he got back from work and so let the games begin!!


shydandelion said...

That is so neat! What a great idea...I will have to try that.

Rebecca said...

Very cute! I do something similar. When I was working with the Activity Day girls and teaching them how to write Thank You notes (notes of appreciation) I wrote one for Victor and placed under his pillow (the one he doesn't use) I knew he would see it once he came to bed.

I also have a little journal that's written to him. It is green leather bound with Celtic designs. Every once in a while I pull it out of his "treasure box" (also with Celtic designs) and I write my feelings and memories that are important to me and I want to share with him. He knows about the journal - I don't think he has read any of it yet... :)

One of the other things I do is spring a spontaneous date. He gets home from work and I let him know that I am taking him to dinner and he needs to take a shower. It is my treat. I give him 2-3 restaurant options and let him choose where he would like to go. The last date was at Red Lobster. (It helps if we already have gift cards that we have received from friends). :)


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