Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photography Fun!

I recently started a photo group on Facebook. All the members of the group take one themed picture a week and post it up on the page. It's been so much fun!

I also started a personal photo challenge. It's the "10 Can't-Miss Photos to Take Each Month" project. I found it via Pinterest and printed it out here. This one has been a little more difficult to complete. This has been, in part, due to the lack of cooperative weather/circumstance and, in part, because I keep forgetting about it..

However, I did manage to snap a few, and I plan on doing better in the coming months. I also plan on documenting what I manage to do each month here on the blog! :) It'll keep me honest, anyway.

Taking down holiday decorations

First family dinner

First Snow ( I also used this one in my weekly photo group!)

Bowls of soup...

There were quite a few that I missed this month. The big ones were snow-play related. While we did get snow, we just never made it out before it turned mushy or icy. Then we had nearly everything melt away. I know, excuses, excuses...
I don't have stacks of sweaters to take pictures of (I kind of hate sweaters). We don't have a fireplace to snuggle in front of.
There were also problems with pure laziness... I didn't take a picture of my first book of the New Year. However, you can look at it if you like. It's the Morrissey Autobiography.
I didn't take pictures of my kids buddled up to go out, in spite of the fact that we did that nearly every day.

No excuses. I'll do better next month... honest!

To make you feel better about my poor attempts at photography, I'll leave you with a bonus shot of someone cleaning up their holiday decorations:

Disturbing... yet satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Wowzers. You could have totally blackmailed me for something with that picture. Oh well...too late now!


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