Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

I almost thought I'd never get to the point where I'd have a school-age child. Yet again, my life has proved to me that time will march on no matter what you're doing, so take advantage of NOW.

Because I'm Pinterest addicted, I have found about 2.3 million different ideas on First Day of School pictures. I found a few cute ones and couldn't decide how to combine them all together. I also didn't have the outrageously cute I-made-this-myself-with-homemade-chalkboard-paint chalkboard. Yeah, I know. I'm a Pinterest Failure. I can live with that... today.

So, at the last moment, I muddled my ideas together and came up with a super fun idea. I hadn't seen any First Day pictures that included siblings and I just knew Henry would be sad if he didn't get to join in the fun.

"First Day of Kindergarten" with the date and a place for her to write her own name. Little Brother gets to hold a sign stating what she wants to be when she grows up!
Our new First Day tradition will include the school child's sibling holding a sign, too! Yeah, I know! I'm brilliant!!

While this looks "posey", she was actually stretching. She was not used to getting up and going so early! I must say, though, that she looks fabulous! ;)

Skeptical, much?

My big girl!

Amazingly, there were no tears when she followed the line of her classmates headed to her classroom. She was absolutely thrilled. She HAS been talking about going to school since she was two and a half, after all.

Henry had other ideas. He was completely crushed when he realized he was without his playmate for several hours each morning. There have been a lot of tears from his corner.

It's been nearly two weeks since school started and Audrey is just as excited as the first day. She's made some friends, though she doesn't always remember their names, and has even had a couple of class parties. Henry, for his part, had adapted reasonably well, though he is still clingy and sad when Audrey leaves. I'm sure it will get better as time goes on. As for me, I've been inundated with notices and forms. I can't believe Picture Day is next Tuesday. I'm panicking already about how to keep Audrey's hair where it belongs.

Pinterest, here I come.

More blogging soon, I promise. Too much to say!

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