Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Man in Uniform

Because I love you all so very, very much, I am now going to share with you one of the awesomest things EVER!


I got a nice call from Ben this afternoon and he got to talk to his kids. He told me that it may be the last call he can make for a while... a long while.

By way of compensation, he sent me a picture of him in uniform! I think this might hold me for a week or so. ;)

My handsome, brave soldier.


You notice the super comfy-looking bunkbeds behind him? He's going to think his memory foam mattress is heaven when he gets back!

He's hoping to have a mailing address sometime in the next few days. I will post that up as soon as I have it and I expect LOTS of mail to get sent in his direction!

More soon!


Anonymous said...

You never send lots of mail to a soldier while in basic. It will single him out and then SSGT will stick it to him.

However, if Ben has a beef with someone in his group we can send massive mail to that guy to get him back.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! He looks very serious. And he must send a picture of his new glasses when he gets them...for my baby...since he won't be here when the baby is born. :D


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