Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Crafties!

I love Halloween! It's been a good holiday for me for many, many years. Those of you who don't know, Ben and I met on Halloween night at a costume party. Our makeup was thick enough that when we agreed to meet at church the following day, we weren't sure we were looking at the right person at first. I think the mutual confusion on our faces is what clued us in. (Of course, there is always the possibility that I met a completely different guy at church that day and he was just really good at playing along.)

Anyhoo. Halloween is fun! It's even more fun with kids! So, I've been somewhat busy this month with decorations and whatnot.

Here are some fruits of my labor:

Snowy-glittery glamor pumpkin!

Blue-glittery glamor pumpkin!

And these, I just finished today:
Candy & toy-filled party poppers! Aren't they darling?! (You can also see my cute "B O O" candles behind them.)

These party poppers are super easy. It took me a couple of weeks to collect the tubes and another hour or two to get them put together. (I have done 13 so far.) If you want to make some, you still have nearly two weeks before Halloween!!

Empty cardboard tubes (from paper towels or toilet paper)
Tissue paper
Transparent tape
Pipe cleaners
Fillers: Candy, toys, stickers, etc.

Note: The tissue paper I used already had a halloween theme, but you can use any color you like and decorate with halloween stickers and markers or pens.

Just wrap the tube in tissue paper and secure with tape. Tie off one end with a pipe cleaner. Fill the tube with candy, etc and tie off other end with another pipe cleaner. Decorate as desired!! You're done!!!!


Anonymous said...

OOO! Those look like fun!

leafhopper said...

Cute! I love Halloween decor!

Rebecca said...

very cute. The poppers are cute and I think I may try that with the activity day girls.

Jen said...

You now have the makings to make at least 6-8 more . . . Happy crafting.

Zaphod said...

Pass the cheese please.


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