Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grow, grow, grow.

Audrey and Henry just can't seem to get it in their heads that they're growing up far too fast. Just when I somewhat get the hang of the stage their in, they change it up, learn something new and snicker under their breath as they flummox me.

Audrey has started sassing: "Eat your food, Audrey." "Eat YOUR food, Mom!"
"Audrey, stop doing that to your brother." "YOU stop it!"
There doesn't seem to be any point in bringing to her attention that I eat my food just fine and that I hadn't even touched Henry at the moment of offense.
However, her understanding what we want and how things work has grown and it's much easier to reason with her. I may kick myself for saying this, but as a "why child" myself, I almost can't wait for Audrey to start that curious "why?" stage.

Henry is growing more active by the day. He's no longer the baloney loaf, or even a wiggly sack of flour. He's an inquisitive baby boy who constantly changes and challenges me. It's easier to get him to smile and laugh these days, but he's fairly choosy about when he'll crack that cute grin. More often than not, he'll give Papa the serious "what is YOUR problem?" stare, while almost always smiling at Grammy.
We got Henry a doorway jumper a few weeks ago, when I discovered that it's getting harder to make him sit down when he just doesn't feel like it. His legs are getting pretty muscular!

Ben is still job hunting. It's been very challenging to find anything available, and when he does find something that works with his school schedule, we've found that he's competing with massive numbers of other applicants. School is going well, though, so that's a plus.

I've started writing again. It's slow going, but the progress is positive. Dialog, though it's my favorite part of writing, it's also the most difficult. Maybe I'll finally pull out of this rut and actually get a draft out.


Anonymous said...

Ah, sassing...I think that is one of the things that really makes me mad as a parent. Probably because if we ever did that to mom and dad, our backsides would be autographed (do you remember comparing handprints???). What's with these strong willed children we are producing???
The "why" is okay. I try to avoid the "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" because it always made me mad as a kid. "Why" is a perfectly reasonable question. The new question Joshua asks is "how" and half the time I don't know how to answer it because half the time him asking "how" doesn't make any sense. I think he thinks "how" and "why" are interchangable.

Rebecca said...

Sassing - uhm...

The only child that has done that is Alex. He still does it. He thinks it's funny - so not funny.

WHY? - not so much - a lot of reasoning though from all the kids. I had to convince Victor to not get angry; but to take it in stride. We have extremely intelligent children whose reasoning skills are almost unparallelled - yes, I am a proud mama

Trillium said...

Nice photos. :)


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