Saturday, June 28, 2008

Someone is making money and it's not me.

I keep promising myself that I will post something on my blog at least twice a week... How awful that I can't even keep promises to myself...
So, I went to the oral surgeon last week expecting to get one or possibly two of my wisdom teeth yanked out. I must say, at least their office didn't smell like disinfectant and fear. The first thing they did, once I did the obligatory wait time in a nearly empty office, was put me into a room to x-ray me. The first thing they asked was "Are you pregnant?"... "Uhhh.. noooo.." "Okay, stand right here and bite down on this. The machine is going to move around your head so DON'T MOVE." (weeee.) Really, the machine was cool but I thought it gave off a peculiar air of smugness.
Then we went into another room and waited to look at the scan of my skull.. really, it wasn't just one of those little slides with a black and white shot of your teeth.. it was a black and white scan of (at least) the bottom half of my skull... I think I might get brain cancer... As it turns out, I have the broken tooth (duh) and two other wisdom teeth have caveties.. stupid weak tooth enamel. So, they said that it would be a good idea to get out all 4 wisdom teeth and just get it over with. I agree.. but I also have major trust issues with dentists.. And they also told me that if I wanted to get Nitrous Oxide, I'd have to come back later... So, on July 11, I go to the gas chamber and come out with 4 less bones in my body... I hope it will make me happy.

But, I know it won't.

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