Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Henry's Monster

We have been continuing our five weeks of summer learning. We are on week 4, currently: Dinosaurs! Typically, what happens is Audrey finishes her work pages before Henry and turns hers over to draw on the blank sides. Henry rarely finishes before her and, therefore, almost never gets to make his own creations. Today was an exception... :)

It's unfortunate that I can't describe to you the stages that this picture underwent to reach its current appearance. It was certainly a process and Henry had a story that went along with it. I'll do my best to relate his narrative with fewer adult interruptions than happened at the time. I will also skip over the part where this drawing started out as a man (and the part where he wasn't wearing pants, and the part where his pants were see-through)... he morphed along the way.

That little dot (under the left side of his face) is his hun. She's far away. The three even smaller dots (under his tail on the right side) are his children. They're far away, too.

He's a pig-man.

Audrey: Here are his brains. (Proceeds to color the peach-colored squiggle above the eyes.)

No, this is his brain. (The brown squiggle at the right corner of his mouth.)

Audrey: Then what is that? (Pointing at her contribution to his drawing.)

That's his blood.

Audrey: Ewww... skin-colored blood!

He's crying because he's bleeding. (Proceeds to draw the open mouth. He pulls his own mouth into a grimmace and says:) He's crying like this.... what does a monster sound like when he cries?

Me: What does a monster sound like normally?


Me: So, what would it sound like if he was crying?

Raa-haa-haaa-blaahhhh... Grrrr-hoooooo-hoooo-oooooooooo!

Me: Where are his teeth?

Right here... (starts drawing teeth.) He has a LOT of teeth. His teeth are sharp. He cuts things with them, like a knife. (He makes a sawing motion with his hands next to his teeth. I ask him what he cuts.) PEOPLE!

Me: Well, that sounds unfortunate. What does he do with the people after he cuts them?

He eats them!

Me: Does he cook them first?


Me: Well, that's something, at least.

People and pigs are afraid of him because he eats them.

Me: So, he's a pig-man and he eats pigs and people?

Yes! But he doesn't eat horses because he thinks they taste yucky.
His hun and children are monsters too. (Are they far away because they're afraid of him?) Yes. 
He's sad because he's bleeding... Graaaaaa-hooooo-hooo-hooo!! Grrrrrrrrr! Aaaaaggghhhhooooooo!

And, yet another motherly adage is proved: This will only end in tears... Apparently, monsters don't listen to their mothers either.
It took quite a bit of wheedling to get him to give me the picture so I could scan it. I'm glad he let me.. so I could share a little bit of my son with all of you. I think he's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

You know that website that makes toys based on your kids drawing? You should send that picture in. Ha ha ha!

Katscratchme said...

I thought about that, too. They are super expensive, though!!


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